Commercial Photography Services

Sushi In Summer Project based photography services

I am available for full commercial assignments or daily photography contract at a standard day-rate.  Tasks include but are not limited to:

- Working with art direction to complete a specific look

- Tethered shooting via Capture One unless otherwise requested

- Working unassisted on projects with a specific scope and expectations

- Assisting teams with lighting, rigging, design, other set related tasks

- Completing post production services via Photoshop, C1, LR or Corel Painter

- Post production services require a brief scope and can be done schedule permitting

Projects are estimated based on scope.
For a complete estimate, please contact us for further information including the schedule, budget, number of subjects, desired lighting, and post production preferences (if any).



Commercial PhotographyCommercial PhotographyMake-up Shot Day Rate Photography

The day rate for photography is currently $500/day and includes lighting equipment.

Medium format rental is additional depending on the requirements for the project.  Most projects will be shot on a Nikon D800/D810 with an x-Rite profile and baseline shot.

Projects spanning multiple days or requiring travel are also an option.

Post production services are available at $50 per hour, so please obtain an estimate for the project based on expected changes and requirements.









Commercial PhotographyCommercial Photography Product Photography & CGI Rendering Services

Although not as expansive as our work in the fashion and clothing industries, we are adapt at working with products as well.  With our spacious Germantown, WI based studio with a large overhead door, we can accommodate almost any sized product, up to a full automobile.

With plenty of scrims, flags, rolls of seamless, or even the occasional plexiglass, we have most of what is needed to handle projects from machine parts to wedding rings.  Combined with our post-production, as can tackle most projects with ease.

In some cases, the subject for the project might only be available on paper, or unreachable due to space, location, or material concerns.  In those cases we also offer 3D modeling, rendering, and CGI services.  These can include such things as simple turntable rendering, stills, and advanced pathing.  All resolutions and frame-rates are available on our render farm.