On Location Workshops

I am available for groups of 10 or more than would be interested in hosting a multi-day workshop in their area.  I typically charge $550 per person, and if more than 15 people book for the event, the host receives 20% of the booking fees.  The host can also attend all of the sessions at no cost in exchange for their effort in making the event happen.

Here is how I break down these workshops for the maximum learning potential:

Day 1 (Friday)

I arrive in town and you should have a designated area for a meet and greet.  I would invite photographers, models, and other folks in your area for an evening of fun, beverages, and discussion.  This is meant to be a nice social event and I would make it free for anyone wanting to show up.  Often I suggest a nice local pub, studio, hotel, or place you feel fits the mood you want to create.

Day 2 (Saturday)

On this day we start out with concepts, posing, and lighting techniques.  As we progress throughout the day, we do many shoots and use the concepts covered earlier to be sure they are practiced and understood.  I typically shoot the entire day (and often into the evening) as we will cover a ton of concepts as well as create many high-quality images for use in the next day's adventures in post production.

Day 3 (Sunday)

On the final day of the event, we cover post production.  Normally this involves many of the techniques I use on most images as well as how to explore the artistic vision you can apply to any given image.  We retouch as many photos as possible from the previous days efforts.  I advise a hotel conference room for this session, so everyone can bring their laptops and retouch images at the same time.  The rental of this room is covered by the speaking fee (up to $250).

If you are interested in having me in your area, please drop me a line and I will help you fill the session.