Creating Your Own Collection

Rather than creating packages of products that don't meet your needs, we offer the ability for you to create a collection or purchase the ala-carte artwork that works for you.

Get 25% off of your gift print & wallet order when you make it a collection!
(just purchase at least one wall art and a book/album and that's it!)

Studio Policies

  • Be prepared to place your order at your viewing appointment.  You should have a solid idea of the sizes of prints that will work in your home as well as the quantity needed for yourself as well as gifts for the family.
  • Discounts and rewards are only valid on the day of your viewing appointment.
  • A minimum of 50% of the order total is due at the time the order is placed.  We do have payment plans if needed.
  • No order can be delivered until 100% of the balance is paid.
  • Images seen at the viewing appointment have a basic edit, but all ordered images will be fully retouched before they are delivered.
  • Social media sized images are free with each purchased image, even those printed in a book or album.  See the description below for details.


Unlock rewards at each of these levels of investment.

  • Spend 999 and get our photo app to show all your purchased images on your device (99 value)
  • Spend 1299 and get a 5x7 acrylic mounted print (149 value)
  • Spend 1400 and get 25 free grad cards! (double-sided watercolor paper w/envelopes)
  • Spend 1899 and get a 4x6 spiral-bound book with all of your proofs (unretouched) from the session!
  • Spend 2199 and get a 4x4 desktop cube (99 value)
  • Spend 2599 and get a 10-piece 5x7 desktop photo deck & 25 more grad cards! (240 value)
  • Spend 2999 and receive 8x12 digital backup files of all of the retouched images from your sessions, even those from books!

Wall Art

  • All wall art purchases come with an 8x12 digital backup
  • Buy 2 and receive 5% off of your wall art purchase.  Buy 3 and save 10% off your wall art!

Metal, Canvas, & Framed Prints are the same price:

30x40 | 1249
24x36 | 1099
20x30 | 879

16x24 | 599
16x20 | 569
11x14 | 369


Albums and Books

Now you can choose a book or album.  Choose an album if you are looking for something amazing for display in the home on a table or other area frequented by guests.  Books are a great alternative for display at the office or even carried around in a briefcase or purse.  Please note that digital backup files are not included for book images.

Leather/Linen Album

Value LayFlat Books

11x14 | 1849
12x12 | 1699
10x10 | 1249
8x11 | 899
8x8 | 699

8x8 | 599
6x8 | 499

There are many options available for albums, such as cover materials, paper types, page gilding (gold edges), thickness, etc.
See our samples!  Note that Value books have fewer options for paper and cover types.

Albums are 10 pages (20 sides).  Additional images are 40 - no charge for additional pages that we may add for an ideal flow and layout.
LatFlat/Value books are one image per page.  Each additional image is 40.


Gift Prints & Wallets

Gift prints are often hung in clusters, used in smaller frames, and as the name implies given as gifts to friends and relatives.
All prints come with a digital file printable up to 8x12.

Single Gift Prints
(Don't buy these)

Gift Print Packages
(Buy these!)


8x10 | 70
5x7 | 70
4x6 | 70

5 Gift Prints | 180 (46 each)
10 Gift Prints | 320 (42 each)
15 Gift Prints | 420 (36 each)
20 Gift Prints | 480 (32 each)

Wallets come in sets of 8 images and we just count them as a gift print for pricing and can be included in the bundles!


Cards & Digital Media

Here are some great options for things such as holiday cards, birth, and graduation announcements.  We also offer a wide variety of digital choices from Social Media sized files all the way up to the monster resolutions created by our equipment. 

All cards are sold in bundles of 25.

  • 8x10 (or 8x12) digitals are free with each purchased print, so there is no option to buy just a digital as the cost would be the same.  Think of the print as free. :-)
  • High-Resolution images are printable up to the maximum size of the final cropped image (typically 40x60 or greater).  They are 1100 each.

Flat Cards (Christmas, Graduation, Etc)

5x7 | 40
4x6 | 35