Your wedding is probably the most significant day in your life.  Deciding to hire a professional photographer to capture it is a commitment to capturing this event so you can relive it anytime you look at your photos.  Our approach to weddings is a unique one, and it leads to a smoother event with much more dramatic images you will have forever.  Our day starts with the bride and groom getting ready as well as images of the venue prior to guest arrival and other whimsical shots of the event as it unfolds.

Here are just a few of the reasons you would want us to capture this moment in your life:

  • Every wedding is covered by two professionals.  This means no moment is missed, and often several angles are available for those iconic moments.
  • We control the pulse of the wedding if there is no event planner present.  Often this isn't something people think of when they think of a wedding photographers tasks, but without this the event can break down and important shots might be missed, forgotten, or rushed.  Consider the timing of things like the first look, arrival at the church, arrival at the venue, reception start, food services, first dance, cake cutting, etc.  Keeping these on a timeline we manage means things run smoothly and we can worry about that so you don't have to.
  • Every wedding also has an assistant.  This is a photographers assistant traditionally, but more often they become the assistant to the bride.  Keeping the bride comfortable is important to great imagery and we are prepared to make her day one she will always remember.
  • Several times during the day "scenes" will be setup with studio lighting on location where we can quickly capture iconic photos that you see in much more expensive productions.  We set these up concurrent to other events so we don't impact timelines or take much time away from the celebration.